A Heavenly Big Bang

The Angels in Heaven had three demon pets. They were for sure, unruly and mischievous, but since they were surrounded by angels, quite harmless. Of course, demons are demons, and these were no exception, they got into all sorts of trouble, but to God and the angels their devilish antics were a source of infinite amusement. After all, let’s face it, perfection can be boring, and a tiny itsy-bitsy fault just makes it shine in all its glory.

And so it seemed that the three demons, rather than subtract, added to Heaven, made it look, well… more heavenly.

And so things went quite blissfully for what seemed an eternity, until God had an idea. Why God needed an idea, don’t ask me! He had done quite nicely till then without
one. But God’s ways are inscrutable, or so they say. With hindsight we can see that the idea backfired. God, let’s be honest, screwed up. But is that possible? Could it be that
He willed this mess we are in? Anyway, he said to his favorite Archangel, “Let’s go see what’s outside.”



“Outside of what?”

“Heaven, of course.”

“There is nothing outside of Heaven.”

“Exactly, let’s find out what nothing feels like.”

“But that’s impossible!”

“No thing is impossible for God.”

Gabriel knew it was useless to argue and yet he said, “Look at it this way, wherever you are, Heaven is. So the moment you step outside that will become Heaven too.”

“It might seem so to you, but I will be both Nothingness and Heaven. If I must be everything, I must be Nothingness too.”

“Sounds good to me! But must we all go with you?”

“Yes, of course, everyone must come. It’ll be great fun.”

“The demons too?”

“No, we’ll leave them behind, here in Heaven.”

And so it was decreed, and happened that God and the angels departed Heaven to explore nothingness.

But with the three demons in charge, Heaven became Hell and exploded into a fire ball, which created our universe. And, although, God and the angels have tried to return and have sent innumerable Messiahs and avatars, the demons are still in charge, and their names are: Change, Suffering, And Death.


One Response to “A Heavenly Big Bang”

  1. Tom McFerran Says:

    Question. “Is there no such thing as permanent perfection.” ?

    Maharaj. “Yes there is, but it includes all imperfection . . . it neither likes nor dislikes, neither accepts nor rejects.”

    Shri Nisaargadatta Mararaj.
    “I Am That.”

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