Who Rex of Not

Ah! The saga of King Who! A fairy tale
worth retelling of a mythical king and
the legend of the Land of Emptiness.

And so the story goes:

There was a king who never was, and
his imaginary kingdom was the brain.
His name was King Who and he was/
wasn’t a verbal king. Of course, you
have heard of this king in name
only. He resided in Speech Center
Castle and from there, just in imagination,
ruled a kingdom called Brain.

In reality, or not, because that very
word is debatable, his ministers
called Brain Centers ruled quite
independently, and only notified him
of their decisions after they were made.

But the King, who was rather slow, and
tended to forget such notifications, later
thinking they were his own ideas,
sent peremptory orders that such measures
should be implemented with no delay, thus
happily believing his power absolute.

And in this way, the happy pretense of an
absolute ‘King Who’ was kept for the sake
of negotiating with other brainy kingdoms.

Beyond, brainy kingdoms, it’s rumored, the
legend of Emptiness extends forever. And in
emptiness, Kings, kingdoms, and brains are
but dreams, and unfathomable peace
reigns supreme.


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